For a fighting chance of staying dry this summer - or even catching some rays - download one of these fab forecasters.

1. Met Office Weather

Free, Android and iPhone

The Met Office is the best. Its app has three hourly forecasts and also five-day predictions. It also gives the "feels-like" temperature and even has a UV forecast map.

2. The Weather Channel

Free, Android and iPhone

Is it cagoule or bikini? Jumper or vest? Just press the location-finder and 200+ meteorologists at the Weather Channel spring into action (well, sort of).

4. Weather HD

Free, iPhone

It may seem odd to describe an app that warns you whether it's going to drizzle as something beautiful – but how else to describe this delightful device?

3. GO Weather Widget

Free, Android

If you're a weather worrier who doesn't feel fully equipped without a sun hat and an umbrella in your knapsack, you'll love this. It updates automatically.

5. Weather Bug

Free, iPhone

Accurate, easy to read and simple to use, the Bug gives at-a-glance information on weather in your neighbourhood and elsewhere in the world.

6. Weather Maps

Free, iPhone

Be your own weather forecaster. This shows a map of any country over which you can see the cloud coverage, temperature and chance of rain.

8. Weather+

£0.69, iphone

This is ideal for planning your holiday wear, giving you a five-day forecast for pretty much anywhere. Just swipe the screen to flick to a different city.

7. Barometer Antique

£1.69, iPhone

This turns your sleek iPod into a kitsch "antique barometer". Its large pointing arrow on the opening page gives you the weather in refreshingly simple terms.

9. AccuWeather

Free, Android and iPhone

Off to a music festival? Want to know whether you need to dig out the Docs or find last year's sandals? Just whip out your AccuWeather app.

10. Wind Finder

Free, iPhone

For some, the wind is an essential part of the weekend's fun. Designed for paragliders, kite-fliers and sailors, this app gives real time info on 25,000 locations.