The 10 best wireless headphones


1. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5


For mid-range headphones, these certainly do have blow-your-mind sound quality. Gamers – the main target audience – get a great all-round experience, too.

2. Sony MDR-DS6500


If you like watching films late into the evening but don't want to get it in the neck for waking your family, check out these nifty cans. They deliver 3D sound.

3. Jaybird Sportsband


The Jaybirds certainly don't have the richest bass or pitch-clear sound. But these are hard-wearing and head-hugging, so you can use them at the gym.

4. Sennheiser RS 220


Until recently, wireless headphones' sound quality didn't always cut the mustard. But these blow most standard earphones out of the water.

5. Logitech H540


These PS3 and Xbox 360 chat-capable headphones are just the thing for gamers. They can stream audio from three sources and have impressive sound quality.

6. TDK WR700


The compact WR700's really come into their own when you are on the move with your MP3 player. They are compact, soft on the ears and have a crisp sound.

7. AKG K830BT


Unlike most modern wireless headphones, these use Bluetooth technology that sometimes falls prey to interference. But major plus points include comfy ear cups.

8. Philips SDH8600UG/10


Philips is the perfect all-rounder. With its clear acoustics and respectable wireless range, these are as good for watching films as they are with an iPod or stereo.

9. Logitech H600


If you are looking for an inexpensive pair of headphones that allow you to cut loose from your desktop computer, the 10-metre range H600s may be for you.

10. Panasonic WF950


A decent mid-range pair of cans that have a 100-metre transmission range that isn't disrupted by walls and ceilings – ideal for using as you do the hoovering up.