It's like Angry Birds but not completely rubbish

With only a handful of user reviews and gameplay that doesn't revolve around buying neon shells in-app for 69p, Skullduggery! won't make the torrent of garbage that forms the iOS game charts, but it might just be the best game to hit app stores yet.

It takes the technique of Angry Birds (flinging the avatar, in this case a skull, in different directions) but applies it to infinitely more varied, interesting and lovingly designed platformer levels.

A typical level sees you negotiating tunnels, boxes, chutes, springs and springs to reach the end, dispatching with gun-toting skeletons on the way by satisfyingly launching yourself at their heads.

Each set of levels (which strike the right level of difficulty) climax with a boss battle and when you reach the end of them - new levels are promised soon - there is a solid amount of replay to be mined out, with additional challenges revolving around collecting coins, beating times and achieving goals.

It isn't the most jaw-dropping iOS game out there graphics-wise (see: Infinity Blade III) or the one with the most longevity (see: Minecraft) but alongside Badland, Skullsuggery! is the most addictive and enjoyable. You won't begrudge the £2.99 price.