Our pick of the best consoles and the best deals

As Christmas approaches, many retailers are ramping up their deals on the next generation consoles — Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U — and it can often become impossible to pick out the best prices and the best consoles.

Here’s our pick of the best deals. For only the console, the best deals we found were:

For all consoles, second hand versions are available on eBay and other sites.

But the best deals are almost always for bundles, which offer games as well as the console. For Xbox One particularly, the console on its own is relatively hard to find — and almost always the same price or even more expensive than a bundle.

Which bundle suits you or the person you’re buying presents for will depend entirely on what games you would like to play, and they’re available for almost all of the biggest games of the year. But our favourites for each console are: