GTA 5: Fake torrent download for PC tricks gamers into downloading 18GB of viruses

The file, which was available to torrent, was loaded with malware

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It has emerged that thousands of gamers may have been tricked into infecting their computers with 18GB worth of malware after downloading a file purporting to be the leaked PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

The game, which has only been released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 so far, has enjoyed phenomenal success. Its developer, Rockstar Games, has made no indication as to when – or even if – a PC version is set for release.

So it is easy to imagine the excitement when an 18GB torrent file, posing as the leaked PC version of GTA 5, appeared on the internet. It is estimated that thousands may have downloaded the file only to find out that it was not, in fact, GTA 5 as promised – rather, 18GB worth of viruses.

WCCFtech, who first pointed out the unfortunate event, notes that the unlucky downloaders may have been tricked by the exceptionally high search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking of the torrent. It could have also been down to the size of the file, as the console version of the game did come with an obligatory 8GB download.

The seemingly legitimate nature of the file once the download has begun was also pointed out by WCCFtech. Everything appears to be in order until a .txt file appears, redirecting users to a page where they are forced to do a survey on personal information, which suggests some sort of scam.

For those who fortunately were not deceived by the download, all there is to do is to wait for an announcement from Rockstar on the possibility of a PC version.