Texan took a circuitous route from bar to bar / uhcougars1151

Journey would have taken 21 seconds on foot

With a taxi just the flick of an app away, the temptation to get an Uber when drunk is palpable.

But few would argue against this cab journey being entirely unnecessary, it taking a Houston man just 95 feet, and looping a block to get there.

He posted a picture of the embarrassing e-receipt he found on his phone the next morning on Reddit, admitting that the journey wasn't from bar to home but from bar to another bar, going some way to explaining why he made the trip by cab – presumably he believed his destination, The Dogwood, to be somewhere across town.

The journey from 2403 Bagby Street to 2315 Bagby Street would have taken him just 21 seconds on foot but probably took considerably longer by car as he waited for an Uber to arrive, and given the minimum fare cost him $4.

There doesn't seem to be a one way system in place so who knows why the cab circled the block, I kind of hope the man got in and drunkenly directed "right, right, and right again."

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