Apple has been working on hard on battery life, and the technology that will be used to charge the watch

The Apple Watch could need to be charged every few hours, according to new reports detailing the watch’s specifications.

The watch will last for about 2.5 hours of heavy use, such as playing games, according to a new report by 9to5mac. It will last for about 3.5 hours of standard app use, and slightly longer for fitness tracking.

If the app is just being used as a timepiece, it should be able to show the watch face for about three hours before needing a new charge. But the clock will turn off when it’s not being looked at — which should let it last a full day, as Tim Cook seemed to indicate in response to questions about the Apple Watch’s battery life.

Apple has been aiming to make the watch last for about 19 hours, and concerns about the battery life was a key factor in pushing the release date back from late 2014 to early 2015.


The watch will probably be released in March, according to recent reports. Details of its software were also revealed by 9to5mac, showing how users will interact with the watch and the ways it will tell them off for not moving around enough and congratulate you when you do.

The Apple Watch will be charged using similar MagSafe technology to that used in the company’s laptops — allowing the charger to safely attach to the device, but click out if pulled. The company has been working hard on the charging technology, 9to5mac said, after problems with slower-than-expected recharging times.