The latest edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine, featuring a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed on the front cover / Getty Images

App is the easiest way to get the issue, physical copies of which have been very difficult to find

The "survivors' edition" of Charlie Hebdo has been released as an app, allowing people to buy the magazine after it sold out on shelves.

Despite printing five million copies of the first issue since the Paris shootings last week, the magazine sold out in minutes. The magazine has released its first phone and tablet app to cope with the demand.

The app is available for iOS and Windows Phone. It’s also available for Android tablets, though not the phone.

Future editions of the magazine will be available to download through the app too, according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

Though the magazine is being translated into English, Spanish and Arabic, the app only offers the magazine in French.

Limited copies have been made available in Britain — but huge demand led to long queues and the magazines quickly selling out, this morning. As such, the app is the easiest way to get the magazine in the UK — or anywhere else.