Cyber Monday’s your chance to pick up cheap TVs, games consoles, laptops and tablets. Here’s our continually updated pick of the best deals

Cyber Monday has become the top tech shopping day of the year. This year hasn't disappointed, with a range of deals on phones, tablets, audio equipment, games and more.


uSwitch has deals on the iPhone 5S, 5C and 6 on EE. Using the code BLFree6 gets the phone free — saving you as much as £199, if you're getting the iPhone 6.

EE also has a range of cheaper phones — different versions of the Huawei Ascend, the HTC Desire — with money off on Pay As You Go.


Motorola is offering £100 off its Moto X. Signing up today or tomorrow morning gets you the deal.

Carphone Warehouse has a range of deals, including the £230 off the up front price of a Samsung Galaxy S5.


Tesco has a range of deals on tablets today — 8” Samsung Galaxy Notes for £149, iPads for £289, and £50 off Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s. Using discount code TDX-KPMG knocks even more off.

John Lewis has £20 off Amazon's Kindle Fire, and £50 off the iPad Mini, making it £149.

Apple isn't running any Cyber Monday deals — just as it swerved Black Friday — instead giving customers the chance to feel good about themselves as Apple donates part of profits from the long shopping weekend to Aids research.


Argos has slashed prices on Canon’s PowerShot SX510, the cheap but powerful compact camera.


PC World is offering LG's 42" Smart LED TV for £279, down from £499.

But if you want something more high-tech, John Lewis has £200 off Samsung's 40" 3D LED Smart TV, which has voice control (and comes with two sets of 3D glasses). Its £549.


Richer Sounds’ Black Friday sale runs all the way until today. Most of the best deals are on Audio — Tannoy speakers for half price, and £120 off Yamaha’s YSP1400 soundbar.


Like on Black Friday, Amazon is holding its lightning sales — discounting new products every ten minutes. Headphones, remotes, smartwatches and more are set to feature as part of the deals today.

A full list of available and upcoming deals is on Amazon’s website.


The cheapest console only deal for the Xbox One seems to be at Amazon, which is offering it at £269 for the console, with the option to add in a huge range of extras. Bundles likely offer a better deal, unless you really want the console on its own.

Game’s Cyber Monday deals have kicked off, with £299.99 offers on Xbox One and PS4. The big Xbox bundle comes with Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed 4, and the PS4 one has Drive Club and The Last Of Us Remastered. But there’s a bunch of other — slightly more expensive but still cheap — offers, including GTA 5 bundles.

Game is also launching hourly deals — Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Destiny are up at 3pm, and Shadow of Mordor is at 6pm. A four-hour GTA 5 offer is also set to launch at 10am. A full list is on Game’s website.

Blizzard is offering savings on many of its games — money off World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Starcraft II. They can be bought on

Steam is running similar promotions, offering up to 75% off on various games when bought through Paypal. That is part of the payment company's weekend of offers, which also includes 20% off iTunes gift cards and three months of Spotify premium for the price of one.

And Microsoft is also offering sales on its digital content, with savings of up to 75% on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Sony is doing the same, though not linking the deals with Cyber Monday: The Last of Us Remastered has 50% off at £19.99, with F1 2014 and Dynaster Warriors Next also discounted.

Game looks so far to be offering the best and most comprehensive offers on both Xbox and PlayStation. (Xbox is sponsoring Amazon’s Cyber Monday, but there aren’t actually that many offers on the console.)

Fitness Trackers

PC World is offering Jawbone UP for £39, down from £80 usually.