One of the gunmen caught live on camera

Gunmen forced their way into a gamer's home but were unaware their actions were being streamed live online

Video footage has emerged on YouTube showing a gamer being robbed at gunpoint while live streaming her gameplay on camera.

The 17-minute video shows Nikki Elise of Arizona - who plays the popular online video game Dota 2 under the handle Sajedene on streaming website Twitch - running off-screen after being alerted by shouting in a neighbouring room. 

Shortly after leaving the room, shouts of "On the ground now! On the ground!" can be heard while the live stream continues, before a man armed with a pistol enters and proceeds to remove a number of items, which the police believe to be weapons, from the room. Some minutes later the same man turns off the lights and disconnects the webcam, ending the stream.

According to Arizona news site, AZFamily, two armed gunmen were involved in the incident, forcing their way into Elise's home as she continued to broadcast her gaming footage.

Matthew Bailey of website onGamers said on Twitter that Elise and a fellow Dota 2 streamer are "very shaken up but ok."

Elise's Twitch channel, which originally broadcast the footage, has since been closed down. A statement on the landing page of the channel reads: "The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations."