Add a little Trump to your Facebook feed with Reaction Packs

You can turn the reactions into anything you want by creating your own Reaction Pack

A new extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers lets you replace those boring Facebook reaction emojis with little pictures of Pokémon or Donald Trump.

Reaction Packs, created by developer Rodney Folz, is a simply browser extension available through the browsers' extension stores.

Once installed, users go to the Reaction Packs website to choose which pack they want to use.

The full range of Trump reactions

All the reactions are the same - 'like', 'love', 'haha' and so on - except the pictures are replaced with whatever you want.

Currently, users can choose from a fun Pokémon pack or a surreal Donald Trump pack, but there should be many more in future. 

With a bit of photoshop action, it's possible to make your own packs, filled with anything you want. There's hundreds of similarly divisive politicians out there who could soon be taking pride of place in your Facebook feed.

Obviously, if other Facebook users don't have the extension, they won't see the custom reactions. So there's no need to worry about offending a colleague by putting a picture of a smiling Donald Trump below their latest status.

Reaction Packs is a free extension, available on the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox add-on site. You can check out the full range of packs on the extension's website.