Google's doodle celebrating Halloween 2014 / Google

The search engine has created six doodle especially for the occasion

Google has celebrated Halloween with a set of delightfully spooky doodles on its homepage.

When users land on the search engine homepage, they will spot one of six holiday-themed animations.

One shows the word Google come to life by the light of a full moon, causing the letter ‘o’ to transform into a werewolf and frighten the other characters.

Another depicts a witch looming over a cauldron as she throws ingredients into a cauldron – concocting bats, ghosts and a giant hand.

Clicking the refresh page again, users may spot two jolly Jack O’Lantern pumpkins bobbing in an autumnal scene, or a chaotic graveyard scene where limb-gnawing zombies have taken over the homepage.


A ghost chases a terrified character through a set of vine-ridden arches in one animation, but is soon chased away by a small terrier.

For faint hearted, the search engine giant has also created a doodle of an idyllic autumn scene, featuring a smiling scarecrow with a mouse popping from his hat, and two crows pecking the words ‘Google’.

Halloween and similar festivals are celebrated across the world around the end of October. The occasion has its roots in the ancient Celtic harvest festival Samhain (pronounced sow-in). It was believed that evil spirits would stalk the land to damage crops and trick the living, as well as being a time when Druids could make predictions for the future.

Nowadays, Halloween has become more commercial with retailers expecting a £330million boost from this year’s event – up from £12 million in 2001, according to the Guardian.