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The update comes after Instagram rolled out rectangular images

Instagram has revamped its Direct messaging service in its latest update.

The most significant new feature is threaded messaging, which allows users to send content from their feed as a direct message.

Previously, users had to start a new conversation each time they wanted to send a photo or video.

The update also ushers in named groups - a services that have long been present on WhastApp and Facebook Messenger.

The feature is an attempt to cut down on the number of @-mentions below videos and posts, which users harness in order to flag content to others.

As many as 40 percent of comments below posts are @mentions, according to a blog post by Instagram which outlined the update.

Now, users with the 7.5 update can select the arrow under a post to share it with a friend or a group message, as shown below.





The social media platform has assured users that the photos sent using Instagram Direct will remain only visible to those involved in the conversation, with content from protected accounts remaining private. 


The update is the latest in a string of crowd-pleasing changes. In late August, the platform started to allow people to post long and wide pictures, in a move away from the square images and videos that the site is known for.

Before the revamp, people had to use external apps to place white borders around content before uploading it to Instagram in order to maintain a wide shape.