Microsoft confirms Xbox One offers 'achievements' for watching TV

The rumoured - and ridiculed - feature was first mentioned in May

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They were first rumoured back in May but Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will feature ‘Media Achievements’ – incentives and rewards for watching video content on the console.

Only a single screenshot of the feature has been released (see above) showing Amazon’s Instant Video service enticing users to “Watch 10 titles before the end of 2013”.

In a statement announcing the new console’s app partnerships Microsoft said: “Xbox One is empowering partners to bring media achievements and exclusive Snap experiences, as well as many other things to entertainment apps, offering everybody the opportunity to achieve badges or rewards for the media they consume in addition to gaming.”

The achievements for watching video content will not contribute to players’ Gamerscore – meaning that those hours you plugged into grabbing every flag in Assassin’s Creed won’t be overshadowed by someone else’ unswerving dedication to House.

It seems clear that Media Achievements will mainly be used as tool to chivvy and nudge easily-swayed users to watch more video content on the Xbox One, but they could also be used to co-ordinate larger media events and encourage users to try out new shows.

As long as they're not pushed into users'' faces the Achievements seem harmless enough, if a little silly.

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