Monopoly: You won’t be board with these versions


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Monopoly has a special place in my heart.

Having cheated at it throughout my childhood (and beyond), I count myself as a true, if untrustworthy, fan. I obviously haven’t been paying sufficient attention to recent developments, though, because I was surprised to see that Alan Turing, cryptographer and progenitor of the first computer, has his own memorial board on sale in the Science Museum shop. Turns out there’s a whole seething sub-culture of Monopoly boards.

If you fancied, you could spend your Saturday night playing a bilingual Klingon edition of the game. Or, if you are a little more rock’n’roll, you can purchase Metallica monopoly (was the famously argument-causing game the reason Dave Mustaine left the band?). Otherwise you might go for the US Army edition. Prefer blue suede shoes to combat boots? How about the Elvis® 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition? Elvis has obviously left the building, passed go and collected £200.