Next. Next. Next. Next. Next.

Once upon a time a fan would come up to you, ask you how are, tell you how big a fan they are and which of your works is their favourite, and maybe, just maybe, ask for your autograph.

But for a celebrity celebritying in 2014, fan interaction has been reduced to grinning for a selfie.

You're nothing. No-one's interested in how you're feeling or your dazzling personality. You're just a head to be squeezed up against, photographed and slapped on Facebook to 42 Likes.

One Direction's Liam Payne knows the process as well as anyone, and above is seen adopting false smiles for the camera in between looking like he's just watched There Will Be Blood back-to-back 15 times.

The trend was shown as particularly hollow in a short film recently, in which Kirsten Dunst is accosted for a selfie as she leaves her home.