iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch: Twitter reacts to Apple's launch event

Twitter went into meltdown as tweets of sarcasm and awe filled the website

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Unsurprisingly, as Apple launched its latest products on Tuesday – the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch - Twitter overflowed with excited reactions.

Following the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, the event was seen as a pivotal moment for Apple to prove it still had the knack for innovation – with reaction on social media a mixed bag.

The Apple Watch’s introduction upstaged the company's two new, larger iPhones, which alongside bigger screens, have a new horizontal viewing mode to take advantage of the larger display.

Apple also introduced Apple Pay, a system for using the phone to make credit card payments at retail stores.

On Twitter, some were quick to point out the frequency at which technology seems to become obsolete - to the detriment of wallets the world over.


And as new devices and features dropped at the event in California, frustrated Apple users, and those seizing a chance to unleash their cynicism online united under the hashtag '#iphonequestions'.

But broadcaster, self-confessed 'Apple fanboi' and all-round tech geek Stephen Fry was quick to defend Apple from the inevitable "haters".

And others, like actress Mia Farrow, were simply unashamedly excited by the prospect of shiny new devices.

The Verge tech website reporter Tom Warren reminded users that Apple is "revolutionary".