Pizza Hut creates new mind-reading menu

App watches for subconscious eye movements to decide on customers’ pizzas

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Have troubled deciding what pizza you like? Worry no more, because Pizza Hut has developed a new menu that it says can read diners’ minds to decide what they really want.

The menu, which is set to roll out to newly refurbished restaurants across the UK, is controlled by customers’ eyes. After training the app to track their retinas, users can look across Pizza Hut ingredients and the app will decide which they’ve lingered on longest.

Pizza Hut team up to make the app with Tobii Technology, who says that 98% of users in testing were satisfied with the pizza that it chose for them. Those that aren’t can tell it to restart the process.

The technology took eye-tracking firm Tobii Technology six months to develop.

Pizza Hut is in the process of re-branding, and launched a new menu in November. It overhauled the old one and includes new menus with honey Sriracha sauce, salted pretzel crusts and sliced banana peppers.

The 56-year-old brand has also been given a more minimalist logo and restaurants will get new uniforms and pizza boxes.