Yves Rossi flying above Dubai with his jetpack wingsuit / Dubai X

Yves Rossy developed and built a winged pack with rigid aeroplane-type carbon-fiber wings

Swiss pilot and aviation enthusiast Yves Rossy is known as the “Jetman”.

After inventing the first individual carbon fibre-winged jetpack, he went on to master it, flying over some of the world’s most impressive landscapes.

This has seen him capture stunning aerial views above The Alps and Mount Fuji.

Watch the insane video below

However, a video released on Monday by the Rossy might just be his most impressive yet.

In an 11-minute film, Rossy can be seen taking his protégé and fellow “Jetman” under his wing, quite literally, as the two fly above Dubai.

The footage shows the pair begin by gliding above the massive dunes of the Arabian Desert just outside of Dubai, before starting their flight over the city, capturing in stunning HD its incredible skyline.

Among some of the landmarks to be captured in stunning HD are the Burj Khalifa, the famous Palm Islands and the city’s beautiful marina area.

Speaking during the video, Vince Reffet can be heard saying, “It feels so natural for me, the wing and me are making one.

“The wings become an extension of my body, it is such an insane feeling.”

The two “Jetmen” were pretty well qualified for their latest endeavour with Vincent having 15,000 parachute jumps behind him and Rossy having accrued nearly 10,000 hours of flying.

Commenting on the latest video, Rossy said: “That feeling in the air, you are just free.

“That playing in the air on a machine, is just beautiful, it is only beauty.”

The video which was only uploaded on Monday by Dubai action sports company X Dubai has already proven popular with internet users being viewed over 125,000 times on YouTube.