Constance Hall, left, posted about “parent sex” on Facebook

"You are so strong," Hall tells readers

A mother whose frank assessment of finding the time for sex as a parent was shared thousands of times has once again received praise for tackling the issue of postnatal depression.

Constance Hall, 32, and artist and blogger from Perth, Australia, made international headlines for writing about “parent sex” and realising that “it’s been almost a month since you [last] banged and are starting to feel like flatmates”. 

But the mother of four young children who runs The Not So Secret Life of Us blog, has now tackled the serious subject of post-natal depression in a strongly-worded new post.

“To the woman at the park, looking at her phone, ignoring her children, I salute you.

“For not giving into the public perception that you should be switched on, 24 hours a day,” the post begins. 

Ms Hall then praises women who leave the dirty dishes to visit their friends because: “Being a good mum […] does NOT mean spending eternity cleaning.” 

She then “salutes” women who recognise that postnatal depression is an illness, stressing that “strength is asking for help.”

“Post natal depression is a rude little c***. You are still coping, do not confuse depression for not coping.”

“You are so strong,” she tells readers. 

Addressing the pressure women face to lose weight after giving birth, Ms Hall writes that the start of motherhood is “NOT a good time to give up cake.” 

“Eat the cake, eat the whole f****** cake and f*** off anyone who dares to say anything. Your post baby body is not all the sudden free for public commentary.”

The post has been over 258,000 times, and liked by over 123,000 people.

Fellow mothers thanked Ms Hall for her frank writing, and used her Facebook page to vent their frustrations and concerns with the pressures of motherhood.

Facebook user Tanya Harris responded: “As a mother of 8, I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read your words.

“And think ... Hey I'm not a failure. Over the past 19 years I have raised little human beings most of it on my own, and while working and running a business...[sic]

“I salute you for standing with us amongst the majority of 'mums that do it better '”

Antoher mother wrote: “I'm a mum of a 12 week old... I'm on antidepressants .. He's playing while I check Facebook having a coffee! I've got dishes to do and got a beautiful baby wobble bum and tum! Screw what people think! My Rox is the happiest baby and I'm loving life! [sic]"

Postnatal depression affects around one in 10 women in the UK after having a baby, according to the NHS.

The condition usually becomes apparent six months after childbirth, and can develop within the first six weeks. 

The symptoms can include low feed, feeling unable to cope, and difficulty sleeping. 

Self-help such as taking regular gentle exercise, resting, and eating a balanced diet can help with the illness. Talking therapies and anti-depressant drugs are also used to treat it. Those who feel they may have postnatal depression should visit their doctor.