As the nights draw in, spend some time with some of the best educational series you can find

1. National Geographic: Baby Tales

If history and science are too heavy, coo over baby pandas, orang-utans and kittens.


2. Human Planet

Be amazed by the Bajau free-divers who spear fish 20m underwater and marvel at the Korowai, who live in treehouses 35m up.


3. Michael Wood's Story of England

The history of England as told by the 750-year-old archives of Kibworth village in Leicestershire.


4. The Life Collection: David Attenborough

The god of nature documentaries presents 4,360 glorious minutes of all things wildlife.


5. 7-49 Up

This is the TV series that followed 14 Brits from children to adulthood, through boarding school and break-ups, from the bar to a building site.


6. The World at War: The Ultimate Restored Edition

This is the story of the war voiced by people who lived through it, vividly depicted. A classic.


7. The Planet Collection

It wouldn't be a documentary list without at least two entries by Sir David. See our planet looking more astounding than ever before.


8. Travels with Palin

This box set whirls you through nine series, more than 100 countries, by dog sled, aboard the Orient Express and more.


9. Carl Sagan's Cosmos

Like everyone's other favourite astronomer, Brian Cox, Sagan knew how to grab your attention.


10. The Story of Film: An Odyssey

Embark on this if you dare. Mark Cousins's epic is great for ciniphiles who have 15 hours to spare.