The shower secret that can really wake you up

Add some icy cold water to your morning shower routine to really wake up 

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The average Briton will take 227 showers a year, according to research.

Showers are a firm favourite with Brits, with over a third of us only taking four baths or fewer over an entire year, research from suggests.

However, as many of us jump in the shower first thing in the morning in a bid to wake us up and energise us for the rest of the day, there could be a shower secret that could give you a bit more pep in the morning.

If you have a hot morning shower, the effect of the warmth could make you feel more sleepy than awake, according to Business Insider.

So, taking a hint from hot-and-cold hydrotherapy, add a small burst of ice cold water and hotter than usual water to your shower routine.

How to have an energising shower 

After finishing your usual routine of washing your hair and cleaning your body, switch the water temperature to as cold as it goes and spend 30 seconds under the shower head.

Then turn the temperature back to as hot as you can stand, without literally burning yourself. Spend another 30 seconds in the hot water. This will help increase your blood flow.

Finish off with another 30 seconds under the cold tap.

You’ll feel more awake and energised for the day ahead.