The tennis legend shares his top tips on being a great dad ahead of Father’s Day in today's live web TV show

Show date: Tuesday 14th June

Show time: 2pm

If there’s one dad who knows what it’s like to put his kids first it is tennis legend Greg Rusedski. After a distinguished career at the top of the tennis world, Greg gave it all up to focus on the number one priority in his life - his children.

Since then the former world ranking number four player has juggled his career as a tennis commentator around looking after his two kids, leading the way for thousands of dads around the UK who are reversing the roles and becoming the primary caregiver in the family. Something that is becoming more common, even if just for a temporary period as new paternity laws mean many new dads are now eligible for the right to up to 26 weeks' Additional Paternity Leave.

And while for Greg his children come first at all times, he knows for some working dads, the pressure is on to make sure the time they do have with their children is quality time.

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