We might have been subject to Arctic winds lately, but as an exhibition by Icelandic photojournalist Ragnar Axelsson shows, the chill wilderness of that region could not be further from here.

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The pictures of Narwhal hunters, icebergs, huskies and polar bears are the fruits of Axelsson’s 30-year obsession with the Arctic. The exhibition, titled The Last Days of the Arctic, is intended to portray the effects of climate change and to herald the region’s decline.

Axelsson, who travelled, lived and hunted with Inuit communities, intended to record “a society in its twilight”. Over the years, he found his excursions hampered by extreme changes to the landscape; tracks he once followed are now impassable, territories now deserted of animals, and so food.

Last Days of the Arctic at Proud Chelsea until 11 March 2012, www.proudonline.co.uk