1. a = P b = D c = R d = A

2. a = A b = D c = R d = P

3. a = R b = P c = A d = D

4. a = R b = P c = D d = A

5. a = P b = A c = R d = D

Mostly Rs: You are perhaps a little repressed in your fantasising. If you say things like 'I never fantasise' or 'this just isn't me' ask yourself why change in this area has become such a huge problem for you? Would the sky collapse if you tried? It isn't as if a mere fantasy is going to corrupt your personality. And good fantasies (accompanied by the right friction) are the basics of sexual enjoyment.

Mostly Ps: You tend to assume a passive role in your fantasies. You're turned on by having things done to you, and why not? It's good to let go sometimes, and the privacy of your own imagination is the perfect place to do this.

Mostly Ds: You like to fantasise about being dominant. Fantasies are a natural place to work through desires we would mainly not want to act out in real life, and this can include violent or otherwise transgressive ones.

Mostly As: You are adventurous and daring in your fantasy life, willing to explore the further extent of your sexuality. Getting a partner to play along for real would of course require careful preliminary communication.

Phillip Hodson is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy – www.bacp.co.uk www.philliphodson.co.uk