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The Ten Best Lingerie Sets

Want to add a bit of fantasy to your love life? This selection of exotic underwear, ranging from the sophisticated to the saucy, should give you plenty to think about

The dirty Old Masters

It is usual, in discussions of erotica and obscenity, to talk about art and pornography as if they were opposites. In fact, argues Tom Lubbock, the whole purpose of much great art is to cause sexual arousal

Fantasy lines: The private lives of phone-sex operators

When I see the late-night ads for premium-rate phone sex lines featuring nubile, tanned young women, I get curious about who is actually on the other end of the phone. Like many people, I sometimes imagine that she's a bored housewife, moaning and calling herself a "naughty girl" while smoking a fag and doing the ironing.

Tim Fountain: I'm not just a sex freak...

Tim Fountain's one-man show 'Sex Addict' caused ire all round. Now he's back with a guide to sexual shenanigans up and down the country. Partly, as he tells Peter York, to discover if he's all that unusual