Seduction gets a mixed press. In 1938, the singer Frank Sinatra was charged with the crime of seduction "for enticing a woman of good repute to engage in sexual intercourse upon his promise of marriage". The case was dropped when it appeared the woman was already married. The writer Georges Simenon also managed to "seduce" 20,000 women, but mainly on the strength of the French Franc. So leaving out deceit and bribery, do you know which techniques actually work? Tick your two likeliest answers to each question.

1. You find yourself enormously attracted to your table companion at a dinner party. Do you:

a. Brush their thigh with your own and hope for the best

b. Maintain eye contact while asking open-ended questions

c. Give them a look of obvious longing and desire

d. Talk at length about your ability to tie a knot in a cherry stalk with your tongue

2. What principles should you follow when constructing a chat-up line?

a. Drop in some hints of your great material wealth

b. Try to be humorous

c. Be upfront and direct

d. Work in an element of "deadlining" (time pressure)

3. Have you kept up with the latest research? According to the scientists, which of these four attributes is most likely to help you seduce someone?



a. Sports car

Tight bikini

b. Full bottom

Fishnet stockings

c. Low golf handicap

Full bottom

d. Large "endowment"

Ample bosom

4. Which of these increases sexual pleasure?

a. Oysters

b. Yohimbine

c. Alcohol

d. Spanish fly

5. If you only had five minutes in which to make someone fall for you, which of the following things do you think might help?

a. Non-sexual physical contact

b. Mirroring their body language

c. Giving them flowers

d. "Poking" them on a social networking website