Being Modern: Burlesque

Burlesque is all about the tease. It involves a joke, a knowing wink. It's about celebrating the natural female form. It's a theatrical performance, naughty but nice, subversive but saucy...

The 10 Best seduction techniques

From expensive dining to a simple smile, we show you how to win over your date guided by Leil Lowndes, author of How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You.

The great seducers

It's not a question of looks, nor even of technique: for a colourful few, seduction just seems to be something that comes naturally . . .

Go on, you know you want to really...

It's the epitome of wickedness, but also the ultimate affirmation of life. Continuing our two-week series, John Walsh celebrates the joy of seduction and the cads and temptresses who practise it

The art of the pick-up

They're the new big thing: dating gurus who claim to be able to seduce any woman they fancy. Tim Walker enters their secret world

Ellie Levenson: British men and the art of seduction

Macmillan are going to publish Love Letters of Great Men, an invention by the makers of the film version of Sex and the City which, until now, didn't exist. The book, which Carrie reads while in bed with her lover Mr Big, and which he copies and sends in emails in order to woo her back after leaving her standing at the altar, includes letters by Pliny, Henry VIII, Mozart and Napoleon. Leaving aside the question of whether Henry VIII, divorced from two wives and murderer of two more, should be feted as an example of how to woo a woman, I am not convinced that sending love letters is the way to a woman's heart.

Love bites: The naked truth about aphrodisiacs

This Thursday is Valentine’s Day – and if you’re planning a feast of amorous adventure, you’ll want your menu to push all the right buttons. But do aphrodisiacs actually work? Can fried lamb’s testicles really make the earth move? Christopher Hirst and his other half bravely find out