Drunk student orders NUS card with Snapchat Alien filter photo

'Why did they accept this? I can never use it as ID' 

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Identifying the holder is the only use an ID card has. But that basic idea went out of the window when a sozzled student applied for his NUS card using a photo taken using a Snapchat filter. 

Daire Shaw, a 19-year-old law student at Liverpool John Moores University, wrote on Facebook that he when he "drunkenly applied for my NUS card" he used a slightly strange photograph.

“It asked for a photo so I picked one with a Snapchat filter. Why did they accept this, I can ever use it as ID?”

 The post was liked more than 13,000 times, and sparked more than 3,000 Facebook comments (mostly using the “crying laugh” emoji). Others wrote that they were disappointed they didn’t have the same idea.

Shaw, who is from Belfast, had arrived home drunk at 5.30am on the night he ordered the card and took photos of himself using Snapchat. The rest is a blur, as Shaw told the Metro that he had “completely forgotten” he had created the card until he found it in the post.

“I’m pretty sure they [the NUS] thought I genuinely looked like that and were too worried to ask any questions. No one from NUS or anything has been in contact with me about it either,” he said. 

Shaw added that despite getting strange looks from cashiers when using the card, he won’t be paying out the £12 to buy a new one.