New household products including a coffee machine that remembers how you like your drinks and a robot that will clean your windows have been unveiled at consumer electronics and appliances trade show IFA 2010.

Caso Germany GmBH launched its latest line of induction hotplates: the miniature SlimLine 2000 is "small enough to be placed on a desk in order to prepare food and then stored in a bookcase," explained general manager Bernd Braukmann. The company also launched a range of Ceran hotplates which have a keep-hot function and are operated by a touchscreen device.

German company Melitta presented the Caffeo CI for the first time. The coffee machine can memorize the flavor preferences of up to seven different users; the machine is available in a variety of colors and has an energy-saving function.

The chore of cleaning windows could soon be a thing of the past with the "world's first automated window cleaner" -  Windoro. Manufactured by Ilshim Global Co. the robot can clean a square meter of windows in ten minutes. Windoro is equipped with bumpers in order to negotiate window frames and is programmed to return to its original location once its task is complete.

IFA took place in Frankfurt September 3-8, other innovative household products will be exhibited at Grand Designs Live October 8-10 in Birmingham, UK.