Spotlight On: Halifax clarity credit card

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The deal

Halifax's new credit card is a simple, no usage fees credit card. It claims to cut the cost of travel money for holidaymakers.

Good points

It charges no foreign exchange fees on transactions abroad, including purchases, and has no cash withdrawal fees when using a cash machine overseas. The APR for purchases is just 12.9 per cent, compared to a market average of 18.4 per cent.

Bad points

if you don't have a perfect credit history the rate you'll be charged will be higher, rising to an APR of 17.9 per cent or 21.9 per cent, depending on your rating.


At last a card that is easy to understand, not too expensive and it doesn't have any hidden charges. There are also no confusing interest-free introductory offers for purchases or balance transfers. Halifax Reward customers can even earn a £5 bonus per month, if they spend a minimum of £300 per month on their card.

Looks like a reasonable solution for anyone planning to spend on plastic abroad this year.

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