Abused dog sings 'I Will Survive' in latest Blue Cross animal charity advert

Baxter breaks free from his chains, and roams the streets singing Gloria Gaynor's disco hit

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In a fresh spin on heart-rending homeless pet adverts, a charity has released a video featuring a lost dog singing I Will Survive.

The commercial starts by showing a shaggy, grey dog named Baxter chained to a post in the rain outside his home, while his negligent owners fight inside. But Baxter soon breaks free.

Scared and alone, Baxter roams the streets while singing along to Gloria Gaynor’s empowering 1978 disco ballad. The advert takes a further surreal twist when he is joined by an adorable abandoned rabbit, and a host of other animal friends.

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Accompanying Blue Cross' advert is a social media campaign featuring animals fist-bumping humans in solidarity with Baxter.

The charity launched the hashtag by sharing a photo of a tiny kitten putting its paw up against a finger, which quickly inspired pet owners to join in and share adorable snaps of their pets.