Jim’ll Paint It: The man who drew too much


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Tumblr blog of the day (if not the year so far): Jim’ll Paint It. A man, presumably Jim, possibly with a lot of time on his hands, takes commissions for original artworks and posts several a day created using Microsoft Paint.Jim has an eye for the bizarre – and more detail than Paint should allow.

Examples: “Dear Jim, please paint me a Tyrannosaurus Rex playing Connect 4 with Heston Blumenthal on a lake of fire whilst a Care Bear watches them lustfully” and “Please paint me Jimi Hendrix explaining to an owl on his shoulder what a stick of chalk is, near a forest”.

See Jim’s work at Jimllpaintit.tumblr.com, where I’m hoping to see, via my colleague, Luke: “Cameron and Clegg fighting over a copy of the Independent while wearing political-party pyjamas in the No.10 sitting room.”