Weird web news: An auction for 'kids living on rubbish dumps'


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In other auction news, we were alerted to one by perhaps the most un-self-aware tweet in history: “HELP KIDS LIVING ON RUBBISH DUMPS.

Pls bid on my @Versace heels in #celebrityshoesauction” chirped Elizabeth Hurley on Tuesday. The signed shoes were £255 at time of writing. Bidding ends on Sunday. Altogether wittier was the Mother London agency’s To Russia With Love set of Russian dolls depicting “gay British icons”. Seven sets of dolls will be auctioned off one at a time over the coming days while extra sets will be delivered to the Russian Embassy in London and the Kremlin to “stick two fingers up at homophobia in Russia”. Molodtsom to all involved.

The Small Steps Project Shoe Auction is here

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