Ian Burrell: A tale of two Jon Snows


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News that Jon Snow had become trapped in a lift created a flurry of interest online last week, only for some disappointed social media users to discover that the stranded victim was the silver-haired bicyclist from Channel 4 News.

“I thought it was the real Jon Snow,” one complained, referring to the dashing character played by Kit Harington in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

It’s reassuring to think that, despite his penchant for loud socks and flamboyant Duchamp ties, the newsman’s ego will be unbruised by the confusion.

For it turns out that the evergreen presenter is a fan of the phenomenally successful fantasy series, and that Channel 4 and Sky Atlantic (which broadcasts Game of Thrones here) is currently making strenuous efforts to introduce the two Jon Snows to each other.