Should we care about actors' politics?

Clint Eastwood's pronouncement that we should 'get over' Trump's racism left John Bleasdale doubting his hero, but how much should we listen to what actors say in interviews?

How did Mulcaire become such a reviled man in Britain?

He grew up in a God-fearing home. He was popular with his teachers. He even spent his spare time as a boy working with children more underprivileged than he himself was. So how did Glenn Mulcaire, the man convicted twice of phone hacking, become one of the most reviled men in Britain? James Hanning tells the backstory in this exclusive extract from The News Machine, his new book based on unprecedented access to the investigator

Ian Burrell: If the Discovery Channel buys Channel 5, it could

In an orange party dress and with not a hair out of place, Oprah Winfrey came clapping and jumping on to the stage at the Jazz at Lincoln Centre auditorium in New York on Thursday as the final act of a television industry event which rivalled the shows on nearby Broadway.

Ian Burrell: Launching today, London Live could change the face of

Launching a television channel is a big deal. When Channel 5 did it in 1997 they booked the Spice Girls to sing a Manfred Mann classic in reverse: “1-2-3-4-5”. Fifteen years earlier, Channel 4 had launched with a different form of Countdown – the quiz of that name, then hosted by Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman, which is still on air 32 years later.