Ian Burrell: iPlayer shows its funny face


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Morgana Robinson is one of my favourite comedians and one of the most acerbic commentators on the inanity of most British popular television.

Very Important People, which she made with Terry Mynott for Channel 4, was one of the best impressionist shows in many years. Robinson moved effortlessly between portraying vacuous reality contestants and soap stars such as Amy Childs and Natalie Cassidy to singers (Adele) and male celebrities (Russell Brand). Each was cut to pieces with a ruthless precision that I haven’t seen from an impressionist in years.

Inexplicably, the show was not recommissioned. Robinson’s previous sketch-based The Morgana Show, also for Channel 4, featured Gilbert, the teenage television interviewer, and the wonderful “news reporters”, a male-female pairing who treated each other with absolute venom up till the moment they went on air.

So I’m pleased that Morgana (who appears in the returning BBC2 show House of Fools with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer) will star in Channel Morgana, an iPlayer project in which she will be impersonating Miley Cyrus and dissecting British TV shows including Benefits Street. Let’s hope it gets a decent run.