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TODAY: Mrs Gillian Banks, policy consultant, Age Concern, England, 65; Lord Bellwin, former government minister, 75; Mr Eddie Bracken, film actor, 78; Mr David Brighty, ambassador to Spain, 59; Miss Dora Bryan, actress, 74; The Earl of Cork and Orrery, writer, artist and broadcaster, 88; Mr Gerald Davies, rugby footballer, 53; The Earl of Harewood, former operatic managing director, 75; Mr Gareth Hunt, actor, 55; Mr Ian Jack, Editor, Granta, 53; The Hon Peter Jay, writer and broadcaster, 61; Lord Keith of Kinkel, former Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, 76; Sir John Leahy, former High Commissioner in Australia, 70; Dr Barbara McGibbon, pathologist, 70; Sir George Moseley, former senior civil servant, 73; Sir Geoffrey Mulcahy, chairman, Kingfisher, 56; Sir Philip Myers, former HM Inspector of Constabulary, 67; Mr Roy Watson, former Director-General, National Farmers' Union, 72.

TOMORROW: Professor Averil Cameron, Warden, Keble College, Oxford, 58; Miss Rachel Cusk, author, 31; Professor David Daube, Emeritus Regius Professor of Civil Law, Oxford University, 89; Mr Osian Ellis, harpist, 70; Marshal of the RAF Sir John Grandy, 85; Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton, 83; Lady Howe of Aberavon, Chairman, Broadcasting Standards Commission, 66; Lord Jakobovits, former Chief Rabbi, 76; Ms Jenny Jones MP, 52; Professor Ann Lambton, Persian scholar, 86; Mr Murray Lawrence, former chairman of Lloyd's, 63; Mr Jack Lemmon, film actor, 73; Sir Francis McWilliams, former Lord Mayor of London, 72; Sir Kenneth Maddocks, former overseas administrator, 91; Mr John F. Martin, High Commissioner to Malawi, 55; Mr Alexander Papamarkou, international financier, 68; Dr June Paterson-Brown, former Chief Commissioner, Girl Guides, 66; Lord Rayne, chairman, London Merchant Securities, 80; Sir Richard Southern, former President, St John's College, Oxford, 86; The Rev Dr John Tudor, Development Officer, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, 68; Mr John Williams, composer and conductor, 66.