Heart Searching: What do these fat, neurotic women want?

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As a single 38-year-old chartered surveyor, kind, considerate, happy and good-looking, I seem to have had mixed experiences with both agencies and adverts in newspapers. I started to reply to ads about six years ago, trying to match up with girls who were most like me. However, when we met, the girls were either fat or neurotic.

When I reply to adverts, I am still not sure which approach is best. Do you write a boring CV, or a short, punchy account working on the 30-second attention span concept? What do women want?

Recently I have met some girls through local papers. One meeting ended with a straightforward request for a kiss and cuddle, which shocked me as I was dragged into the passenger seat, kicking and screaming]

I am still writing, both adverts and replies, but I hope you can come up with some statistics on how to capture the interest of that special girl]

Roger, Birmingham