Lives Remembered: Becky Williams

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My wife Rebecca Florence Williams, or Becky, who died at home in Southport, on 15 December 2009, moved with her family to the town 30 years ago and played an active role in serving the local community.

Mother to daughters Pauline and the late Sandra, Becky was well known as a campaigner against mobile telephone masts being placed close to homes and supported various charities. She also was very supportive of the Alzheimer's Society and their research into the causes of the disease which resulted in her demise.

This will continue through the actions of her immediate family; we have decided to follow Becky's lead in supporting the Alzheimer's research programme as the organisation not being funded properly by the Government. Alzheimer's comes at the back of the list for funds. We are hoping to attract donations and the support from local dignitaries and celebrities. So far we are getting an encouraging response.

A generous person with a heart of gold was how Becky was best described. She endured her illness with considerable bravery and courage over a 10-year period. She never lost glimpses of her profound sense of humour. She was funny, kind and a little eccentric. A lady of rare quality, Becky was always larger than life. She never lost the ability to make people laugh. Her dress sense, even up to her death, was simply immaculate; she always insisting on wearing her jewellery and matching clothes.

The pinnacle of her life was meeting Princess Diana, whom she loved and held in high esteem. This was in the mid-1980s on the occasion of a trade mission involving members of the Saudi Arabian royal family. Becky was an inspirational character who could inspire people around her, a born leader. She was a soulmate, confidante, partner, best friend, companion and above all else a marvellous wife.

Geoffrey Williams