Luis Alberto Spinetta: Songwriter and guitarist


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Luis Alberto Spinetta, who died in Buenos Aires on 8 February at the age of 62 from lung cancer, was a songwriter and guitarist who was considered a pioneer of Argentinian rock music. His songs often touched on social themes,and a fellow musician hailed him as "one of the greatest poets of Argentine music".

Spinetta, who was nicknamed El Flaco, or "Skinny", began in the 1960s with his band Almendra and later played with the bands Pescado Rabioso and Invisible. The former developed a more powerful sound and attempted to express in their songs and lyrics the tension of the streets in what was becoming an increasingly violent country. Later, in the 1980s with a new band, Spinetta Jade, he incorporated jazz influences.

The Argentine culture ministry, in a statement, described Spinetta as "an exquisite poet" and a "complete autodidact in his musical training, a deep reader of poetry and philosophy, and jazz lover".