Bear Grylls 'wouldn't think twice' about eating human flesh

The survivalist added he'd ask his son to consume him if it came to it

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That cool, calm composure in the face of adversity. Fondness for caves and living off cliff faces. Tendency to enter through the window.

All signs that Bear Grylls isn’t your average guy. And neither are his eating habits.

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Bear Grylls swung through the windows of ITV's This Morning on Friday 13 February

The survivalist said he “wouldn’t think twice” about turning to cannibalism.

“Of course,” he continued. “If it was one of my sons and I, left in the jungle, I'd insist he ate me.

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“One of the greatest stories ever is Alive. The people who died insisted they ate them. I wouldn't think twice about it if I had to.”


Grylls went on to admit he is no stranger to feasting on exotic flesh. As well as having ingested over 100 rattle snakes in his time, he’s also sampled “raw goats' testicles, a camel's intestinal fluids or bear poo... or maybe elephant dung, snakes and scorpions.” 

Bear Grylls drops in on the webisodes premiere of his 'Survival In The Modern Era' in 2009

Although unlike Madonna, he isn’t a fan of drinking urine.

“It's terrible and people always ask me in bars if I want a pint of urine,”  he told Heat. “I'm not one of those people who does it for fun, though.”