Benedict Cumberbatch channels inner Beyonce to answer mean tweet on Jimmy Kimmel Live

'Well someone did - and she put a ring on it'

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Benedict Cumberbatch channelled his inner Beyonce when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to read out a mean spirited tweet.

The Sherlock star's turn came after Jeff Bridges shared his ("Am now convinced Jeff Bridges is a crazy f**ker and not in the cool way, just in a disturbed hobo shouting at sparrows and sidewalks way") which he agreed was an "interesting critique", and Kristen Bell read out an even more bizarre jibe.

Cumberbatch married the playwright Sophie Hunter in a ceremony on the Isle of Wight earlier this year and the pair welcomed their first child in June. But one Twitter user appeared confused as to how Hunter could be physically attracted to the actor and criticised his appearance by comparing his face to a cat's anus.

Cumberbatch turned to a well-known Beyonce song for his own comeback.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel to read out critical tweets is becoming something of a rite of passage for anyone in the public eye, with even President Obama sharing some unflattering (but much cleaner) comments from Twitter users about his appearance, clothes and presidency.