Chris Pratt predicted he would star in 'Jurassic World' seven years ago - in 'Parks and Recreation' outtake

'I just got a text message from Steven Spielberg. God, it’s so annoying.'

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Chris Pratt predicted his starring role in Jurassic World seven years ago during a behind-the-scenes shoot for Parks and Recreation.

The video – which was filmed back in 2008 for Parks and Rec's second season DVD — shows Pratt joking about receiving text messages from famed Hollywood director and producer Steven Spielberg about starring in the upcoming “Jurassic Park 4" film.

"I just got a text message from Steven Spielberg. God, it’s so annoying.”

Surprisingly, seven years later Pratt was eventually cast as Owen Grady, a former US Navy cadet tasked with training Velociraptors, in the reprise of Jurassic Park.

“Sorry Steven, I was asked by Parks and Recreation/NBC to do ‘behind the scenes.’ Which is to say, everyone else was asked and said no," he replies.

"But I have no shame, as you know by the endless gift baskets. I'll have to get back to you later about Jurassic Park 4.”

Watch Pratt jokingly predict his future in the footage below:


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