David Cameron spotted on easyJet flight eating paprika-flavoured Pringles

Teenage girl was shocked to be sitting three seats away from the Prime Minister on a flight to Portugal

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Taking more than one holiday in a summer appears to be having an impact on David Cameron's budget.

The Prime Minister was snapped on an easyJet flight as he jetted off on his second holiday of the summer.  A 16-year-old girl took this selfie with Cameron squeezed into one of the budget airline's seats in the background on his iPad:


Cameron pringles easyjet.JPG
David Cameron is seen on his iPad as he travels with the budget airline Easyjet (credit: @accioeverlark)

The teenager tweeted the image along with the words: "The Prime Minister was 3 seats away from me eating Paprika Pringles. Help me."

The 10 per cent pay rise in Cameron's MP salary mustn't have been enough to pay for a bit of extra leg room and comfort. At least he could afford a box of paprika-flavoured Pringles, though:

david cameron eats pringles.JPG
David Cameron munches Paprika-flavoured Pringles on an Easyjet flight to Portugal (credit: @accioeverlark)

The Prime Minister was flying back to the Algarve in Portugal to join his wife, Samantha, and three children after returning to the UK to attend the VJ day commemorations on Saturday.

It is the second holiday Cameron is enjoying this summer and he is set to go on a third holiday at the end of the month, according to reports.

Twitter users mocked the Prime Minister on Twitter, with one user making a reference to Cameron being snapped during the election campaign eating a hot dog with a knife and fork.


It was the second time his Portugal holiday was interrupted after having to seek medical treatment for a case of swimmer's ear last week. Downing Street confirmed he had been suffering with otitis while surfing.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha relax on holiday in Alvor, Portugal.

Cameron is not the only political leader who has chosen to fly with easyJet summer. Ed Miliband jetted off to Ibiza on the budget airline after losing the election.:

miliband easyjet.JPG
Ed Miliband chose the budget airline for his post-election trip to Ibiza