Donald Trump campaign adviser argues Hillary Clinton can't attack his sexual assault comments if she likes Beyonce

Betsy McCaughey has felt the wrath of the BeyHive for comparing Mr Trump's leaked remarks to Beyonce's 'Formation' lyrics

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Beyonce’s fans, known by their shared moniker of the Beyhive, are known for their unshakable devotion to the singer and their propensity to hound anyone who is considered to have bad mouthed her. As such, it should come as no surprise they did not react kindly to Donald Trump’s adviser comparing Beyonce’s "Formation" lyrics to the Republican's recently leaked comments on groping women.

In the leaked audio recording from 2005, Mr Trump bragged about making unwanted advances on women, boasting that he was such a “star” he can grab women “by the p***y”. 

Appearing on a panel discussion on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Betsy McCaughey likened these lewd and sexist comments to Beyonce’s lyrics. 

The former New York lieutenant governor, who is now an economic adviser to Trump's campaign, argued it was hypocritical of Hillary Clinton to criticise Mr Trump’s use of derogatory language while being a fan of Beyonce.

“Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds the language on that bus horrific, but in fact she likes language like this, quote, 'I came to slay b****, when he 'F' me good I take his a** to Red Lobster,’ 

“That happens to be line from Beyonce, her favourite performer, whom she says she idolises and says she would like to imitate".

“So you know what I'm saying to you, there's a lot of hypocrisy in Hillary Clinton expressing such horror in the language on that bus,” McCaughey continued.

The Beehive quickly got their hands on McCaughey Facebook page. In a post which can no longer be viewed, in which McCaughey listed three reasons why Mr Trump had won the most recent debate, they posted incessant bee emoji after bee emoji and rebuked her for her comments.

Other members of the BeyHive rebuked McCaughey on Twitter. 

“Betsy McCaughey thinks Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women is just like Bey bragging about sexing her husband," said one user.

Mr Trump has recorded a apology for the derogatory comments he made back in 2005 but the issue nevertheless dominated the second TV presidential debate on Sunday night.

A representative for Beyonce did not immediately respond to request for comment.