Fox News presenter Andrea Tantaros says idea of rape culture on campus is a war on boys

The host said: 'I'm going to speak slowly so all the feminist blogs can get this'

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Outspoken Fox News presenter Andrea Tantaros has said that there is a war on men happening on campuses in the United States.

Speaking about a recent Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia, in which a woman under the alias "Jackie" claims she was raped by members of fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, Tantaros argued that there is "a war" happening on men.

The fraternity published a statement denying some of the claims in the article. Rolling Stone's managing editor Will Dana has since said: "In the face of new information... there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie's account."

Tantaros blasted the magazine, claiming their reporting was "dangerous".

"This is the most dangerous form of journalism," she said. "They're just looking for stories, and if they don't get them then they'll just make it up. They'll use hyperbolic explanations that they don't validate, and put them in and have them masquerading as journalism."

"But there's a bigger theme happening here," Tantaros went on. "This hurts women, this hurts victims of sexual assault, and I'm going to speak slowly so all the feminist blogs can get this one because I'm sure they'll clip it."

A co-host pointed out that the police have said that just because the alleged rape may not have been connected with the fraternity, "it doesn't mean something horrible didn't happen".

Accounts of rape and sexual assault on campus in the USA have featured prominently in the media since 2014, when Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz carried her mattress around campus, saying that she had been raped and her attacker had not been reprimanded after she reported it.

Lena Dunham also wrote about being assaulted at university in her 2014 book Not That Kind Of Girl.

Barack Obama launched a campaign in 2014, It's On Us, which aims to address sexual assault on campuses.

"There is a war happening on boys. On these college campuses," the Fox News anchor said. "Now we see this fraternity, they can't show they did anything wrong, we don't know if anything was done wrong.


"Even at Harvard, some of the most liberal professors... have penned a letter to the Boston Globe saying there is no due process in these sexual misconduct cases," she went on.

"There is no opportunity to discover the facts, there's no opportunity to confront witnesses and present a defence. This also hurts lower-income students, because they can't retain legal representation.

"They cannot fight back," she added. "So you have Lena Dunham, Rolling Stone - it is a theme in this country to go after boys in this rape culture. There are absolutely legitimate reasons for them to do this. But what happens after they assassinate their character?"

"What happens to Lena Dunham? What happens to these fraternity boys? Absolutely nothing. And it hurts the women and the victims at the end of the day the most."

Tantaros is known for being outspoken, and attracted controversy for saying that feminists were "giving it up" too easily which meant men were less inclined to "put a ring on it".