Gary Neville once asked Noel Gallagher to sign his guitar - Oasis star and Man City fan responded by 'defacing' it with abuse

The Oasis guitarist has made no secret of his disdain for the pundit's admirations in the past

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Gary Neville, former Manchester United defender and current Sky Sports commentator, has made no secret of his love for Oasis in the past.

Noel Gallagher, former Oasis guitarist and current Manchester City fan, has made no secret of his  (albeit tongue-in-cheek) disdain for Neville’s admirations.

“I feel violated,” Gallagher said after one such social media incident in 2011. Neville had quoted the lyrics to Oasis track “Fade Away” in a tweet about Man U’s 2-1 win over Chelsea that May.

“If Mr Neville continues to use the holy scriptures of Oasis to communicate with the Cockney massive, I shall be forced to come up to Cheshire in the middle of the night and break into his house,” he told The Sun.

“I will then tie him to a chair, make him listen to the Best Of Simply Red while I pull his tash out one grey hair at a time - with my teeth - liberate those Oasis CDs and s**t in his manbag. You have been warned!”

Undeterred by his public vitriol, Neville later told the story of how he learned the guitar because of Gallagher, lovingly sending him the very instrument he practised on for the indie star to sign.

Rather than the heart-warming message he shouldn’t have expected, however, Gallagher scrawled the initials of his team – Manchester United rivals “MCFC” – on the back alongside a torrent of written abuse.

Neville first shared the story back in 2013, during Manchester United documentary The Class of ’92. But he hadn’t shared images of the instruments in question until now.

“Criminal act to someone's property,” he captioned one, adding on another that he’d decided to post the evidence after a number of requests from followers to see it.

The tweets followed Neville’s interview with Gallagher on Sky Sports last Saturday.

During their meeting, scheduled to coincide with the Manchester Derby, the pair exchanged insults, before the musician revealed that Oasis had once been asked to invest in Manchester City.


“When Franny Lee owned City, they asked us,” he said. “I actually went for a meeting with him. It was nice to be asked, but I prefer being a fan.”

Gallagher went on to tease Neville about his new single “In The Heat Of The Moment”.

“When it comes out, it's a picture desk with your face on it, and it's a little dartboard,” he said.