George Galloway backs Russell Brand's rant at Channel 4 'slithering, slimy' presenter

The Respect MP called Paraic O'Brien a “disgrace”

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Russell Brand’s angry tirade at a Channel 4 presenter has attracted the support of none other than George Galloway.

The Respect MP, who has voiced his appreciation of the comedian before, agreed that Paraic O'Brien was indeed “a snide” – which the Oxford dictionary defines as “unpleasant or underhand person”.

Perhaps, O'Brien wasn't praising enough of the MP in his 2013 Channel 4 report on him, in which he described him as "political vindaloo".

To recap, yesterday Brand joined residents of the New Era estate to demonstrate against US property company Westbrook, who are reportedly planning to evict 93 families from their homes.

He handed in a petition to Downing Street signed by nearly 300,000 and also stopped for an interview with Channel 4’s O’Brien. The presenter asked the comedian how much he paid for his London home in light of the argument that the reason many London properties were rising to unaffordable prices is the wealthy buying them for extortionate  amounts.

“It’s rented,” he said. “But I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent mate, I’m here to support and very, very important campaign and you, as a member of the media, have an important duty to help represent these people. Maybe if the media didn’t turn on people as soon as they stand up…”

One of the protesters then interjected:

“At least Russell Brand is standing up regardless of how big his house is… David Cameron isn’t prepared to come out of his big house and help us, but Russell Brand has.”

“Snides like you undermine it,” concluded Brand, pointing at O’Brien. “You’re a snide. Right, let's do one.”

A lesson to be learned by all: don’t ask Brand about his rent. But at least Respect MP Galloway offers some solace.

The politician previously described the comedian as a “magnificent man” on Twitter, following a Guardian column he’d written on being ejected from the 2013 GQ Awards having cracked a Nazi joke at the expense of the event’s sponsors, Hugo Boss.