Gotye won't be running for Australian office after all - but is still forming a political party

The singer says his political party is still in its infancy

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It sounded too weird to be true and it turns out it is - Gotye has not formed a political party nor is he planning on running for office, despite claims made by his Basics band mate, Kris Schroeder.

“I am not running for parliament in Victoria, as some publications have been not even implying but actually stating,” De Backer said on Australian radio today (5 September).

“The facts are that my other band The Basics, with my good friends and musical cohorts Tim Heath and Kris Schroeder have considered forming a political party in Victoria called The Basics Rock and Roll party. As of the moment, the party doesn't exist, we have not registered yet, we have almost the membership interest to be able to register that party.”

Yesterday (4 September) Schroeder discussed his plans to create the 'Rock 'n' Roll' party with Wally De Backer and Tim Heath.

“Politics in this country is treated like it belongs to the elite,” said Schroeder.

“We have these career politicians who often come from well-to-do families... and they are groomed into becoming these lifelong politicians that have no other life experience outside of either being in the young Liberals or young Labor, and becoming a member of parliament.”

Core values were outlined as innovation, education and rock 'n' roll.

However, De Backer said that the party was still in its infancy and has not yet been registered.

“We're interested to do it, and if we do so, my band mate Kris Schroeder will be the candidate to for that part to aim for the legislative counsel in Victoria,” he said.